Looking for new ideas

2015-03-14 17:43:15 by Dahlia-K

Any ideas regarding what to paint? Fantasy women or warrior ideas. Let me know and post'em here :)



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2015-03-14 18:11:18

Person wearing armour that makes them look like a metal bird.
That should get the creative juices flowing. :P


2015-03-14 18:14:02

Yeah, get those juices flowing!


2015-03-14 20:03:45

Yoko from Gurren Lagann, Samus Metroid, dota/lol gals, pff theres quite a selection :D


2015-03-14 22:27:47

How about a black tiger zooming through flames and waves of stars in a sight of the northern lights in a board elite between Earth and Space.


2015-03-14 22:47:11

How bout something based on ancient Rome's military?


2015-03-14 23:51:04

Moxxi, Maya, Captain Scarlet from Borderlands 2 ^-^


2015-03-15 06:21:02

Barney Stinson wearing a suit and being awesome.


2015-03-15 06:38:22

Ken / Irimi / Touka / Hinami from Tokio Ghoul >.o or Clover from Payday 2 or Jacket


2015-03-15 11:06:03

You could draw a person metamorphosing into a creature of your choice


2015-03-15 14:38:53

You should draw luna moonfang from dota2 :P


2015-04-25 03:20:10

Make an apocalypse warrior and have them wearing armor from pots or pans around your house bent in an armor sort of way, or use it to make a weapon out of it! A fantasy mage who wears armor made out of the flame spells they use with spell symbols and make the flame armor look like heavy metal armor!


2015-08-02 04:51:30

Dark Magician Girl From Yugioh, Greek Goddesses Aphrodite.


2015-08-16 18:03:30

Would you like to paint one of the main characters from my series of novels? A beautiful roman woman accompanied by a giant polychrome owl :)

Let me know !


2016-12-28 14:12:30

canti from flcl its nothing crazy but it might be different