featured in ImagineFX!

2014-01-15 16:14:55 by Dahlia-K

Hey you guys, it's been a while since I updated this thingy..but I want to tell you that make sure you get issue 105 of imagineFX since I am featured there for the first time... finally getting on track in this hectic art world! :D

as always you can like my fb fanpage for more updates here: https://www.facebook.com/DahliaKhodurArt

xoxo ~Dahlia


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2014-01-15 16:44:11

Congratulations, Dahlia!

You are impossibly good at art: I mean, you have this unstoppable flow of pieces that you're always submitting here, things that would take me months to pull off. To see a WIP evolve into something like 'Dryad' or 'Retired Lich King' is quite fascinating to me.

This is just the start, no doubt. You are a true gift for the Art Portal: take care and keep it up!